Here it is! Xixing Old Street | 西兴•我们的老街

Here it is! Xixing Old Street | 西兴•我们的老街

 Selma 滨江发布 2018-06-17
Many people think Tangqi town is the nearest ancient town to Hangzhou.很多人以为塘栖古镇是离杭州市区最近的古镇。

Actually, it is Xixing!


Take the subway line 1 and get off at the Xixing Stop, you’ll reach Xixing — a peaceful place hidden among tall buildings in the city.
Xixing is an image of homeland for everyone who grows up in the riverside town.西兴,是每个水乡人梦中的故乡模样。

There is a narrow river with water flowing slowly. Boats gently move along the river with the oar swinging and swinging, which sends you back home.

Old memories in the city forest城市森林里的老记忆

The history of Xixing ancient town can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period. It is called Guling and Xiling in ancient time, and is the origin of the ancient canal in eastern Zhejiang.
Because of the canal, Xixing became a flourishing transit port. Therefore, the business is thriving at that time.
Nowadays, Xixing is not as flourishing as before but it becomes more amiable than before.
Get up early to go to the corner shop to buy a fried dumpling for breakfast.早起去街角的早餐铺子买块油墩儿。

Go home to eat grandma-made spring rolls after school.放了学回家吃奶奶新做的春卷。

These past stories of Xixing are just like the waves of the canal, touching the stone humps of the river and the hearts of citizens in Xixing.
A smell of zongzi in the Old Street堂前飘来的粽子香

Recently, residents in Xixing begin to prepare for the Dragon Boat Festival.临近端午,古镇的居民们开始了过节的筹备。

Hanging calamus in front of the door.门前挂上菖蒲。

Planning to make a table of “five yellow” dinner for family.张罗着为家人做一桌“五黄”。

Making sachet for children to avoid summer mosquitoes.给孩子们挂上香囊和五色线好让他们免了夏日的蚊虫。

While the most charming one should be the tasty zongzi wrapped tightly by green leaves, sweet or salty, every bite is homey flavor.而最撩拨人的,还是那一只只绿绿粽叶紧裹着的香糯粽子,或甜或咸,每一口都是家的味道。

Walking along the old street, there is an old building of Huizhou style. The old wooden door is open, and clean courtyard is filled with fragrant flowers.走上老街,弄堂里一处白墙黑瓦的徽派建筑,年岁已久的木门开着,干净的小院里栀子花正香。

“How are you! Grandpa!” Grandpa Kong and Granny Xu were making zongzi in the room.叫一声“阿伯!”,走进院去,孔爷爷和徐奶奶正在屋里包粽子。

Granny Xu is good at her craft,so grandpa can only be her little helper.徐奶奶的手艺好,爷爷只能在旁边笑着打下手。

“Everyone is going to eat zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival! And I will also make some for my children and relatives.” Said granny Xu as she made zongzi.“端午节嘛,就要吃粽子的呀~ 要包一些起来,给小孩送一点去,给亲戚也送一点。”徐奶奶边说边裹着粽子。

Apart from zongzi, talking about the home banquet of the Dragon Boat Festival, granny Xu smiled and pointed fingers to count: “there should be five yellow dishes: cucumber(Huanggua in Chinese), yellow wine, yellow fish… It was always exciting to wait for children coming home for dinner.除了粽子,说起端午的家宴,徐奶奶也笑着板着指头数:“五黄肯定要有的,黄瓜、黄酒、黄鱼……”盼着孩子们回家吃饭的心情总是令人激动的。

To be a gourmet in Xixing老底子美食寻踪

Tasty zongzi is far from enough. In this era of gourmets, the label of a place is often given by the local dainty. And Xixing won’t disappoint any child who comes to visit her.说到了粽子,勾起了肚里的馋虫。这盛产吃货的年代里,一个地方的标签,往往是饭香里给的。西兴又怎么会让每个来看望它的孩子失望?

The food here is not so delicate, but it is like the good things that the elders hide for their honey grandsons.这里的美食,不张扬,却像是小时候长辈们藏着掖着留到最后掏出来给你的好东西。

There is a popular small restaurant alongside the river whose boss is a middle-aged man. When talked about his popular store, he was modest and shy: “Our restaurant has nothing special, just provides some homey dishes. That’s all, thank you~”不起眼的店面,老板是个谦和腼腆的男人,说到自己顾客盈门的店,总是摆摆手:“哪有什么特别的,不过就是些家常菜,没什么好介绍的。”

This “Canal Traditional Restaurant” is not only welcomed by the neighbors, but also attracting tourists around.


Jule Restaurant is recommended by Chief Director of the documentary “A Bite of China”.舌尖导演安利的聚乐饭店。

In addition, Jule Restaurant, Binan Restaurant and Xiling Restaurant are also precious places for foodies. You can’t miss them!另外,同在西兴的聚乐饭店、滨安饭店和西陵饭店,也是吃货们不容错过的宝贝地方。

Braised fish head, Braised bamboo shoots, Sauteed winkles and Stinky tofu ……They are all home-cooked food, and they are exactly the home flavor!


Want to have a taste?看得眼馋了?

Be hungry now?


Then pick up a relaxing day and go for a walk in the Old Street in Xixing!